Fundraising Goals

The Beautiful Nation Project is a volunteer effort led by a core of five, and a support network of dozens. 

We have secured the donation of the vessel for the duration of the journey. We have marina stays and school visits lined up all along our route. We even went ahead and built the social network for students to follow the journey. 

Now, we are asking you to help us deliver high-quality, real-time digital media stories that will have a lasting impact on our students' academic career by making an investment in the Beautiful Nation Project.. 

We are aiming to raise the money for our first season of content through a Kickstarter campaign in mid-November. Stay tuned for our live kick-off!


Sponsor a Channel in the Network

Give your message legs! If your business is using social media to effectively leverage your marketing and outreach strategies, then sponsoring a channel in the Beautiful Nation Social Network has the power to propel your strategy forward and maximize those existing media streams.  If your business has not fully adopted social media as a way to increase its visibility worldwide, your brand, your organization and what you do, then sponsoring a channel in the Beautiful Nation Social Network is a high-value tool for you to use now!

Sponsoring a channel  helps to increase a business’ online presence. A channel sponsored by your business connects to your existing social media channels and broadcasts your business' online activity to members of the channel. This shares your business' social goals and ideals with an international audience of youth. With over one million student followers, and their educators and parents participating in the project, your brand will gain recognition and respect as a leader for positive change through innovation, collaboration and education!

Benefits for Businesses:
-logo placement and advertising opportunities
-live Youtube channel streaming
-private gallery for digital media content
-private asynchronous discussions 
-RSS feeds from social media channels

Example: Whole Foods sponsors the channel dedicated to Food and gains recognition among school partners for supporting sustainable agricultural practices and nutrition education.  Student members in the Food channel engage in discussions about food practices in the countries visited by the crew along the route. Whole Foods recipes and regional products are mapped along the Beautiful Nation route. The channel is branded to mirror the Whole Foods website.