As the world continues to globalize and the demand for 21st Century skills increases, children from both the Global North and the Global South need educational experiences that equip them for the future. Students' ability to learn how to connect ideas and problem-solve on a global scale is imperative for sustainable innovation in the future, and creates a need for inspiring and informative educational entertainment. The Beautiful Nation Project (BNation) fulfills this need by using geosocial technology and multimedia to broadcast best practices in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education across continents in a fun and meaningful way for young students. 

Utilizing the strengths of its education partners, Reach the World's powerful web platform and Agastya’s world class science instruction, BNation will capture the imagination of over one million youth through online digital media storytelling about life on the high seas. Students in each program will follow the Voyage of Makulu and interact with the crew via messaging and videoconferencing. RTW students will see the ship off from the U.S. and Agastya students will welcome the ship in India, mid-voyage. BNation content will include first-person narratives communicated through text, photos and videos, as well as edited instructional videos that specifically focus on marine ecology, keystone species and the effects of marine debris. Two media-rich articles per week will be published on the RTW website throughout the journey. Twelve instructional videos will be published online for Agasyta.

Art direction and content production will:

a. promote the scientific method of inquiry
b. demonstrate hands-on activities to teach basic science principles
c. support educators using integrated learning modules