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Beautiful Nation Voyage

The Makulu Crew will head to Bermuda  from New York City starting in mid-October 2014. From there, they cruise the Eastern Caribbean islands, reporting from locations like the Dominican Republic, the British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos,  and Puerto Rico.  Next, the Makulu Crew will travel through the Panama Canal - just in time to celebrate it's 100th birthday! Once through the Panama Canal, the journey will continue to the amazing Galapagos Islands and across the world's largest ocean, the Pacific, to reach land on the islands of Hawaii! Following the trade winds across the Pacific Ocean east to west, and catching regional weather windows when traveling north to south, the Makulu Crew will be able to document life today in some of the world's most fragile ecosystems.

Each week, crew will post weekly stories, photos and videos from the ship and of their adventures on land. Port stops are organized to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and to capture the interesting stories that make each place unique! Members of the Beautiful Nation Project Social Network can make suggestions for places to visit or submit questions for the crew investigate along the route.

Have a suggestion for a special place we must visit or an extraordinary person we must meet along our route? Join the  Beautiful Nation Project social network today! 

Voyage Stops

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