Following the Journey

Students track the Voyage of Makulu in the Beautiful Nation Social Network! The network is a secure, online community for students around the world to connect with the crew and with each other. Within the social network, classrooms subscribe to different channels to gain special access to content, chats, discussions and crew interactions. Content is linked to Google maps, offering students a global perspective on different themes. 

What can joining the Beautiful Nation Social Network offer my students?

1. Opportunity for videoconferencing with the crew and school communities around the world
2. Safe and secure asynchronous chats with the crew 
3. Special access to digital media content
4. Special requests for content to support project-based activities

What happens in the classroom?

Students can participate in online and offline activities while following the voyage of Makulu by making special requests for content that ties in with classroom learning. For example, middle school students could request the Beautiful Nation crew to interview students while visiting Borneo, Indonesia about how their local community live with orangutans.

What are the main themes in the network channels?

What is daily life like? 
What do kids think is cool?
What do people eat? 
How do people get around?
What do we see in nature?
How are people connected to their environment?
What traditions do people have?
What needs does the community have?